Friday, February 26, 2010

So maybe I am an elitist

The other day I wanted to search for some blogs that discuss the series Chu-Bra. Most that I have read so far have pertained to the male perspective of the show but I wanted to find some fellow females to get their insight into what they get out of the series thus far.

So when I searched via Google it was just plain sickening. No I didn't stumble upon any pervy blogs about underwear obsessed teenage boys but found torrent after torrent sites where you can download episodes. I just have trouble wrapping my mind around the concept that people in Northern America that have FREE access to legal streaming video of each episode (via Crunchyroll) would feel the need to download an illegal fansubbed version.

So maybe I'm an elitist but if there is a legal, high quality, FREE way to watch a series I'm interested in I will tend to go that route as opposed to downloading a craptastic version on my laptop. Personally I'm a sub fan and if the subtext on the screen doesn't match what the characters are saying, or completely off the mark, its just one of my pet peeves. I still have a lot to learn with my Japanese studies but if the audio is different then the subtitles my little ears pick up on it right away, and its a major turn off for me.

Some individuals like to be on the cusp of the latest series and want fresh new entertainment the moment it is available to viewers on the other side of the globe. With each passing season there seems to be more new simulcasts available that are legally being streamed online. If that isn't enough to get your fix there is also a massive catalog of anime that is available at local libraries, for rental, or *gasp* purchase! My Netflix queue is busting at the seams with series from the 2000's that I want to watch so I have more than enough to wet my pallet and do not feel the need to download a series that isn't legally available. I got enough to watch so I can pass for the time being, and in that time it is possible that the series may get licensed in North America. And if not I'm sure I will some how stay strong and get over it ;)

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