Saturday, November 3, 2012

What the Heck Am I Watching?? Fall 2012 Edition

The majority of the simulcasts I tend to follow are available on Crunchyroll. The first series that I decided to check out was My Little Monster. I've decided to keep watching as I find the main female character somewhat intriguing. I enjoyed that though it was promoted as a love story it's not unbearably over saturated with sparkles and sappy scenes.

Continuing series that I'm pathetically trying to stay current with are the following: Polar Bear Cafe, Poyopoyo, and Gintama (though I'm so far behind in that series I may not get caught up til next year.)

The title that has held my interest is Kamisama Kiss. I was happy to see the series added to Hulu to view, as the though of trying to watch any single episode on Funimation's site makes me cringe. As I have read the first few volumes of the manga series naturally I was curious to check out the anime and I'm glad I did. So far this has been my weekend pick me up. Despite the never ending list of other series I want to check out and/or actually finish (kdramas included) I'm very tempted to re-watch episodes from this series already.
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