Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Summer Anime Kick Off!

I know I know I have so many other series I need to finish!
Normally during the summer months I'll find some older series on Netflix to rent but since I will be putting my account on hold, til I find another job, I wanted to find a longer series on Crunchyroll to watch since I plan to keep my account active even while continuing my never ending search for employment. Now that the spring anime season is coming to an end I decided to kick start some series that I plan on watching this summer.
First longer series that I will pathetically try to get current with is Gintama!  This month I've already watched 30-some episodes and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far and highly doubt I will drop it at this point. I've always seen peeps on twitter talking about the series which ultimately struck my interest to check it out.
Bleach Uncut Season 2 Box SetI still am in the middle of watching Bleach, after surviving the horrid Bount-Pan Arc *not actually name of arc but will be forever in my heart* I took a much needed break from the series. During the summer months I plan on picking up Bleach again but currently I'm enjoying Gintama so much that Ichigo takes second place, at least for now. Since Bleach currently has almost 100 more episodes than Gintama it makes it seem more realistic that I'll be able to get current with Gintama over Bleach, though I will keep watching my shonen series regardless! When I initially got into anime I would stick with shorter series but now I'm not letting the amount of eps deter me from checking out a series :)
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