Monday, April 4, 2011

What I'm Watching: April 2011

Besides new simulcasts for this season I am watching a few other series either through Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu.
I have one more episode of To Heart to watch through Comcast's Funimation On Demand Channel. Since they added one ep a week (sometimes every two weeks) it's been a slow process watching the show but at the same time enjoyed it that way.
Also forever in the middle of renting Urusei Yatsura from Netflix. Currently have disc 16 at home waiting to be popped in my dvd player. I'm hoping that by the end of the summer I'll finish watching the television series and move on to either the ova or the movies. Since I bumped my Netflix down to one disc at a time, instead of two or three like I used to, it may take even longer than that to finish since it's not top priority on my list of anime to rent.
Strawberry Eggs Complete Box SetStrawberry Eggs has been in a Netflix purgatory for quite some time so I plan to mix up my queue with this series along with the above. I already watched the first disc in March so hopefully I will finish this series in April. There are a few winter series on Crunchyroll, such as Level E, that didn't end yet so I will be sure to finish those off this month before getting too deep into the spring line up.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring 2011 Anime First Impressions: Hanasaku Iroha and My Ordinary Life (Nichijou)

Since Crunchyroll has much more titles for this season than ever before I am bound to check out more series then I'll be able to keep up with, but I enjoy watching them nonetheless! The first two titles to launch are ones I was curious about so naturally I checked them out this weekend.

My Ordinary Life (Nichijou) was everything that I expected it to be from the previews that I saw and then some. This series is really cute and refreshing to watch and is reminiscent of other series in that genre. Plus it has goats! I'm going to give this series a few episodes before I decide to keep it on my watch list for the spring season or not since there are still a few other series that I want to view.

Hanasaku Iroha has a much deeper plot than I gathered from the previews, which makes me almost instantly fall in love with this series. Though the plot has more substance than I gathered initially that does not necessarily mean that its very intellectually simulating; more of an emotional pull for me as a viewer. I'm saving up money to relocate someday so the aspect of the main character of the story moving to the hot spring inn in hopes of taking on a new persona and getting a fresh start really intrigues me. I'm hoping that I will stick with this series to the end since so far I was very impressed by it thus far.

Both these series are available to watch for premium members on Crunchyroll and in a week free for all members.
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