Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drop It Like It's Hot: Beezlebub and Fractale

Since its about midway into the Winter anime season I've decided to drop two series that no longer hold my interest; Beezlebub and Fractale.
I did enjoy the first episode of Beezlebub but the jokes got old by the second episode and for now I've dropped that series. I may down the road decide to watch it again but at this point I would rather re-watch the Bount Arc from Bleach than continue!
Fractale was kinda on the fence for me, right now its more on the back burner than dropping it completely. I like the feel of it but the story isn't moving at a pace fast enough to truly capture my attention. I may decide to marathon it after the winter season is over.
And without Fractale that means that all the simulcasts I'm watching are currently via Crunchyroll. Intially I thought that Gosick would be the first one to get chopped but after a few episodes the plot is developing more smoothly than before.
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