Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Wish

Past few years I've been fighting to have a career in a grant funded world that may come to an end in June 2017. I'll find out more this upcoming spring if we'll get the grant again or not. I want to pick up more side gigs to save to prep myself for whatever may come.

But by being absorbed into chasing an unstable career I have not taken the time to watch shows that I enjoy nor read much manga (or books in general for that matter.)

Towards the end of 2016 I got the flu and was practically chased out of the confines of my petite office. I spent that time curled up with my laptop and started watching Kiss Him Not Me! (which I plan to finish next year.) It made me want to read the manga which I quickly devoured on my new kindle fire.

I want to re-watch Fruits Basket this winter. When I was in college I used to love to watch it during winter break. I want to pay down my debt in 2017 but I also want to return to a place where I used to unwind with my favorite series along with discovering new ones. Whether I am in grant world full time for all of 2017 or just for half of it I want to focus on balancing career and life more.

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