Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I'm Watching: January Edition

With in winter anime season in full swing there isn't much that I wanted to check out let alone watch a few episodes before deciding to keep or drop. So far I have been watching Ano Natsu de Matteru but some of the borderline fanservice elements, specifically at the end of the first episode make me question whether I will watch this title to the very end. Though it has intrigued me enough to continue, as I find it interesting whether it will take the route of fanservice or will it lightly thread into that realm.

It's a tradition for me to watch Fruits Basket during the cold winter months, and this year I did while battling the flu. Since there are few titles currently airing that I'm watching for the winter season I've been re-watching or attempting to get caught up with continuing series that I am behind in. Currently 100 episodes behind with Gintama so highly doubt I will be able to get caught up before the month ends, even with work slicing and dicing my hours.

Kiss already! I mean I wish they got along better >.>
Fruits Basket was one of the first anime purchases I ever made. I originally watched the dub version by renting from Netflix, which prompted me to save up money and buy my own boxset.  For me Fruits Basket is akin to comfort food; when I'm either sick or depressed from working a dead end min wage job while my master's degree collects dust, it makes me feel at ease to watch something familiar.

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