Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I've Been Reading 2010 Update

I've been getting caught up with reading the volumes I have of series I wanted to read this year, except for Bleach. It's not as if I am intimidated on beginning a seemingly never ending shonen series, where Bleach, Vol. 31 was just released this week. When I start an older series, or one that have several volumes out already, I like to collect a few first before I dive into it. I've been mainly collecting Bleach from sites like Paperbackswap which my wallet has been really thankful for.
Normally I like to read a series before diving into the anime but since it's not something I usually would pick up I didn't mind watching the anime first, except for Season 4 which I hope to soon forget.

I've also been going through the piles of unread manga I have at home and have been trying to keep them under control. If something doesn't have a high re-read value for me I've been posting them on PBS or Bookmooch to free up shelf space.

Black Butler, Vol. 2
Other than Black Butler and Happy Cafe there are not many new series that I've picked up in 2010. I've been mainly getting new releases from series that started before 2010 and filling in the gaps for missing volumes for series that run has ended.
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