Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Ho Ho! Happy New Year!

I've been crazy busy and running in circles for the past few weeks working retail funland (temp job at the mall) and snagging another temp job that begins on Tuesday next week.
Another year to attempt to get caught up on animu and kdramas! May the cycle never end! :D

First anime I watched in the New Year was Azumanga Daoih. I started to do a lil marathon of it the last week of December and finished the last few eps today. Since I graduated not too long ago, this past May, re-watching the ending made me feel a tad bit nostalgic for what it was like to finish one path and begin anew.
Azumanga Daioh: The Complete

Have my Netflix on hold for a few more weeks since I'll be working the both jobs til my retail one ends the 3rd week of January aka not much time for anime or dramas. I'm hoping to finish watching Emma: A Victorian Romance - Season 2 , Nabari No Ou: Complete Series, Part 2, and a few other older series that I have had on my watch list for too long. With Crunchyroll having a channel on the Roku player I don't see myself keeping my Netflix after I finish up a few older series that aren't available to watch online.

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