Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Anime 2011 Samplers

Since the previews for this season left much to be desired I'm slowly starting to nibble on what this winter has to offer. There are still a few more series that I want to check out sometime this weekend (off til Monday) mainly Fractale.

Here's what I've gotten the chance to check out thus far:

Gosick:  Watched the eps 1-2 and have yet to find anything that could keep my interest in this series. The plot felt disconnected from the first episode to the second; a very loose transition for me. As someone not familiar with the series prior to watching it left me wondering if the manga expands more on the storyline and the anime adaptation is skipping essential elements that would glue the plot together more smoothly. I plan on watching at least one more episode next week before deciding to drop this series.

Beelzebub:  I don't think I can do justice attempting to explain this series so just go out check preview instead :) I was hesitant to check this one out but glad I did. I feel that there will be much growing in this series with both Oga Tatsumi and the baby that just happens to be the son of the Demon King.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? :  I couldn't stomach High School of the Dead last summer so I was afraid to check this series out. After some of my twitter peeps reassured me its not too bloody I watched the first episode this weekend. I was half expecting the series to begin with how the protagonist was murdered but it starts off with him already being a zombie. The violence in this series is pretty mild and I found some of it to be amusing. This one might be on my keeper list for this season but I'm still going to test the waters with a few more episodes.

Level E: Why are you reading this post? Go run to Crunchyroll and check this series out. That's an order! :) Watched the first episode last night and this series is just freakin' awesome. Out of everything I've watched so far I recommend this one the most.
Houro Musuko-Wandering Son :  Cross-dressing animes have always been able to capture my short attention span and this one did within the previews that I saw the week prior to watching. Boy wants to become a girl, girl that wants to become a boy. I found the soft hues to be quite beautiful while watching, like Level E is on my must watch list for Winter 2011.

That's all for now, so what is everyone else watching this season?

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